Kat en hond mee naar Australië
Bringing your cat and dog to Australia
Bringing your cat and dog to Australia

    Migrating to Australia
takes a lot of time, energy and is a lot of work. Especially when you also
    want to bring your cat or dog to Australia. Arrangements, such as, selling your house, organising 
    a school for the children, tax and insurance administration is very complex. We can takeover a part
    of your concern by taking care of the administration and arranging the transport of your beloved pet.

    Also if you travel to Australia for a certain period of time and want to bring your cat or dog, for example
visiting your family or for a holiday, we are able to support you. The Australian government makes
    no difference between a short stay and migration for your pet. If you prefer, you can send your pet
    earlier to Australia, this because of the quaratine time.



    We are Peter and Madeleine and we migrated to Australia in 2008. During the preparation of our
    migration to Australia, we experienced a lot of problems and setbacks concerning the import of our
    own cat, Smurf. It was more time consuming and difficult than we thought it would be. Through this
    experience and knowledge we are able to support you in a professional way.


Kat en hond mee naar AustraliëBringing your cat and dog to Australia